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Contact Us!
By mail
01 759 300
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Smart workspaces, for
your shifting work rhythms

Customizable spaces

If you’re looking for a cosy workshop space, or you’re hosting a big event open for 100+ people you can choose any of our event spaces, fully customizable to your preference.

Support team on set

Our team will help set up and support so that you make the best out of our spaces. We can also help you with your reception and provide nibbles, bites, coffee, or even cocktails.

Accessible for all

The event spaces are open for members and non-members of the Antwork community.
Host your own event
Don’t keep your event ideas on paper. Book your event space and tailor an elevated event experience for your attendees! You can always call us on 01759 300 (ext:11923)
Book your tour & your first
week is on us
Looks like you’re ready to take your leap! Our community guides will be excited to show you around and hook you up with our “first week is on us” coupon!