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  • Navigating your new workplace
  • Working from Antwork today
  • 1. New protocols & house rules
  • 2. Distancing measures
  • 3. Touchless workspace
  • 4. Timely tools & services
Navigating your new workplace
antwork post COVID-19
  • We are living unprecedented times of disruption on all levels of our livelihoods, including how we conduct our business. But one thing is for certain: in order to get back on our feet, creativity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness will be key to our survival.
    While you continue to push your business through challenging times, we can remain your platform of choice for a turnkey workspace that remains committed to setting the bar high for serving its community. Re-entry to the workplace will require greater emphasis on professional distancing and providing services that allow us to interact with our environment in a post-COVID-19 world. Antwork provides a trusted, flexible, and customizable platform for businesses to return to the workplace while upholding global safety standards.
    Today, as we grow upward from 8000 users, it is not only in how we react in the short term, but how we prepare for the future that we show our commitment to providing a valuable platform for our members.
  • Working from Antwork today
    • 1.    New protocols & house rules
      Our management team have acquired COVID-19 preparedness and response certification from the World Health Organization.
      The workspace has been professionally sanitized using high quality sanitization products to ensure the safety of our members. New cleaning protocols have been put into place, with increased attention to detail and the use of disinfectants on all surfaces.
      Campus access is controlled with a sanitization booth installed at the main entrance, enforcing full sanitization as a pre-requisite to entry for any member or visitor. All parcels will be sanitized at the campus gate prior to dispatch.
      Face masks are to be worn by all staff, members, and guests while on campus, and a safe distancing of 1.5 meters is to be respected by all. Re-usable masks are available for purchase at the front desk.
      We have updated our house-rules , and have put up reminders around campus for member convenience.
    • 2.    Distancing measures
      We have taken into account the recommendation of 1.5 meters for professional distancing at the workplace, and updated our furniture layouts and capacity calculations accordingly.
      Members should watch out for adjusted capacities when booking meeting rooms, private offices, and event spaces. For our current members, we recommend revising your desk layout with our sales team to ensure the safety of your teams.
      Our hotdesking areas will be a lot less crowded with the new capacity limits. We have plenty of ideal work-spots to choose from, but we recommend reserving your seat ahead of time by contacting our front desk, or directly through your app.
      Private offices for one are now available for daily booking. Units are limited, so make sure to book yours ahead of time here . Members may also choose to work privately from a meeting room . Our huddle rooms make perfect solitary work-nooks, and are widely used for video-conferencing and virtual meetings.
    • 3.    Touchless workspace
      Our phone operated, permission-based access control allows members to come in and leave without the need to make contact with doorknobs, locks, touch-screens, light switches or any other tool or keys besides their own phones.
      Door access, light, and climate control for private offices and meeting rooms are all automated by means of QR code and the antwork app .
      Maintenance and support requests have also gone touchless at antwork. Place a Request for maintenance, cleaning, or IT support by scanning the QR Codes available in communal spaces.
      Members can avoid handling cash and credit cards by paying through the app for coffee and meals from our in-house café. For your safety, we ask that you pickup your order at the café to avoid unnecessary handling.
    • 4.    Timely tools & services
      Avoid un-necessary exposure. Find the office, or dedicated desk of your choice from the comfort of your home. Our representatives are happy to learn about your needs, and will take you on a virtual tour of our campus and the office space of your choice.
      Our event spaces are no longer accepting as many attendees as they once did, but you may still hold your events from Antwork, and reach a wide audience by using our event streaming services .
      For those of you who still prefer to work from the comfort of home..
      -    Request an official business address, we can help!
      -    Ask our IT team about our virtual servers & various IT services for the home-office.
      -    Access curated virtual events and programs to stay informed and connected.
      -    Sign up for free coursework , or receive a certification programs from top educational institutions like Harvard, MIT, and others.
      -    List your professional services in the Antwork platform and activate your virtual consultations, online bookings and payment in a few steps! Send a request
      -    Access a variety of business services & consultations directly through your antwork app. Peer-to-peer services have never been so simple.
Contact your Antwork sales representative today to learn more about how best we can accommodate you.
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