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Power up your property
& monetize every SQM
Is selling or leasing your property hindering your revenue generation opportunities? Request your powered-by kit and transform your vacant properties to smart revenue generating hubs.
With intricacy in design and innovation in technology, you will be able to split your space into micro-leasing opportunities; from leasing a desk to the abundance of freelancers and entrepreneurs, to leasing full-fledged offices to the rising start-ups, SME’s & and enterprises with changing spatial needs. Powering up your space enables you to connect to international and local communities of coworkers, as well as host your own local and international networking events.
Your powered-by kit in four steps
Explore the untapped potential of your space
Space consultation
With our workspace science and study of workspace behaviour we will help you adopt the golden ratio between private, semi-private, and shared agile spaces. Making the most out of every square meter and optimizing your revenue generation.
We approach each space differently, yet our approach will always be budget conscious and eco-friendly.
  • Basic infrastructure, electro-mechanical systems
  • Refurbishment, fixtures & furniture
Community space & service management
Smart workspaces managment
  • Check in & access control
  • Lighting, climate control & management system
Secure online payments
  • Booking, events, ticketing managment system
  • Service integrations, subscriptions & automation
  • Courier services & governmental paperwork
  • F&B ordering & payment system
  • Integrated vending machines
Service integrations
  • Screen management system
  • Internet/wifi management system
  • Phone-line management system
  • Printing management system
Coworking is flexible and so is our partnerships. We can support your newly powered coworking space on various levels depending on your needs, expertise, and preferred engagement.
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