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The antwork leap
The antwork leap is more than a simple leap into coworking. It’s about owning your time, so that your business grows as fast as you’d like it to and your work flows as much as you need. It’s taking the leap into the world of on-demand resources, services, spaces and talent so that the value of your time is not crippled by the nuisances of the daily grind. It’s the first leap of them all, and that’s what makes it special.
Smart & agile
Pay as you go
Our plans, subscriptions, and add-ons are designed meticulously to fit your work needs. With highly customizable plans and a diverse set of add-ons, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary charges. You pay for what you want, and you get it the way you want it.
All inclusive
350$ / per person
Services - Cleaning
Networking & connectivity
Base Rent on Gross Area
traditional office rental*
Annual cost comparison
*simulation for an office for 5 people / per month
No capital investment
Set up costs are a blow in the face and running costs are terrible anchors that slow you down; we know. Booking your desk or office at antwork eliminates your blows and anchors, pushing you to achieve your goals worry free.
Zero time to launch
Setting up: the limbo phase between thought and action can be a real black hole. At antwork, you get to skip this phase all together as we take care of it for you. All you need to do is show up and get started.
A self sustainable
Service exchange
Even at such a digital age, it is still hard to find talent. Being constantly surrounded by people with a various set of skills and an eagerness to take on different projects not only facilitates your search but might also surprise you with much better results than expected.
Local & Global networking
From meticulously designed networking and growth programs to happy hours. Meet and mingle with your potential partners, friends, employees and employers throughout your entire coworking journey. With spaces opening all around, we’ve created a direct connection between our growing community.
Community perks
We’re constantly on the lookout for the best neighbourhood rates and discounts four our community members. Benefit from our antwork-exclusive discounts on health, lifestyle, and food services all around the city.
Everything you need at your fingertip
Access over ownership
  • Fully serviced shared space and resources
  • Furniture & equipment rentals
  • Meeting room real-time booking
  • Virtualized servers & storage
  • Event & exhibition space booking
On demand tools & services
  • IT services & retainers
  • Trademark registration
  • Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Domicilation
  • Recruitment services
  • Mail program
  • Automated administrative service
  • Courier services
  • Financial advisory
  • MOF enrollment
  • Legal services & templates
  • NSSF docs & payments document handling
Opensource marketplace
  • Find clients, mentors, funds, accelerators
  • Service integration
  • In-mailing & chat
  • In-app integration & developer plug-ins
Book your tour & your first
week is on us
Looks like you’re ready to take your leap! Our community guides will be excited to show you around and hook you up with our “first week is on us” coupon!