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Lebanon To Cyprus: Taking you that extra mile...
Cyprus, your business safe haven. We're taking Lebanese business owners (micro, small, medium, and large enterprises) and investors to Cyprus through our unique Go The Extra Mile Program. Exclusively with Antwork's Cyprus business networks, you now have access to immediate information and support you need. From your market intel, to legal inquiries and services through the Antwork Cyprus Starter-Kit, everything you need to know has been prepared in a simple e-brochure. Take a look at our exciting workspace promotions, including limited-time discounts and getting your office in Cyprus, paying in Lebanon, exclusively with Antwork Limassol.
We have developed this as a result of us doing our own research on setting up in Cyprus last year, and due to the big demand from companies in Lebanon asking us about Cyprus as their next launchpad to Europe, we developed this program from a first-hand approach.
Here's more about Go The Extra Mile Program:
  • The Cyprus Starter Kit for setting up business in Cyprus developed by Antwork and our legal partners TotalServ. The e-brochure is comprised of 4 sections divided in order of info you will need to consider setting up in Cyprus. At the end of a section, you will find steps to find out more about the services, and begin your Cyprus journey.

    As a next step for the starter kit, our legal partners TotalServe will cater to your specific needs and provide you with more information, and as part of the program, offering a 10% discount of their legal services.
    Get the Cyprus Starter Kit
  • Antwork Limassol workspaces, varying from offices, to dedicated desks, and hotdesks for your range of needs are located in Cedars Oasis , in Limassol at the corner of Platonos str. and Arch. Makariou Ave.

    Get your Business Address offered in 3 formats depending on your business needs: Business address with
    • Office
    • desk
    • virtual Office
    With Antwork Limassol spaces, you surely get that extra mile. To faciliitate your journey, Antwork is exclusively giving you the opportunity to pay in Lebanon and get that Limassol sea view at Antwork Limassol.
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