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Though shared workspace software solutions are ample in the market, they are limited to being just that: software solutions. Antwork's end-to-end solution was designed with an ahead of its time, flexible workplace experience in mind. Our turnkey approach combines operating, sales, marketing and community building & activation expertise together with our workspace technology.
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Whether you're a real estate owner looking to activate your idle space, an industry leader keen on building a business hub, or a shared workpsace operator looking for automation, antwork's for you.

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Current locations
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  • Well located commercial property with easy access and ample lighting are key factors for success as a workspace. Gardens, rooftops, or any outdoor space is always a plus!
  • We recommend a minimum of 1000sqm to allow for an optimal mix of workspaces, and make your investment worth the while.
  • That depends on the size of your property, its current condition, and the amoutn of structural change it requires to achieve the desired results. If your space is ready, it can take as little as one month!

  • Antwork charges a setup fee that comes at the initial stage of our consultation services, and License Fees in the form of a percentage of your space revenues.

  • Of course! Your existing worksapce can benefit from antwork's technology, workspace consultation, and other services that help you join a growing network of connected workspaces.
  • Checkout our enterprise solutions! Our white-labeled solutions may be a fit for you.

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