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Turning the Future Classroom Into Coworking Space

If you were to count every essential factor that has shaped your character in life, education would certainly top the list.

Not only does it shape our intellect and knowledge, but it shapes the way we perceive everything in life: our relationships, our behavior, our integrity and our interpretation of events.

While having had your character deeply influenced by the education you received can be a good thing, it is not always the case.

A lot of people still suffer from psychological scars that date back to their school days.

Beyond Coworking, students

ALP: Your Golden Opportunity for a Powerful Entry to the Job Market

Hello folks!

How are you?

We know that some of you are probably anxious as you wrap up your last year of university and prepare for graduation.

We also know that you’re nervous about choosing your career path.



What Are the Takeaways From the 'Open Fintech Dialogue' With CGAP ?


Fintech is a multi-billion dollar industry that is rapidly disrupting the banking sector, with startups in MENA raising over $100 million- a number that  is expected to double by 2020.


Celebrating Women’s Day With These Six Awesome Entrepreneurs

Hello everyone!

How have you been? We hope you’re celebrating a very important cause with us today: the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!

That’s right, it’s International Women’s Day and we couldn’t be prouder to have celebrated it yesterday with a kickass event from Jaleesa.