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  • 1. COVID-19 measures & requirements
  • 2. Use of Premises & Spaces
  • 3. Security

House Rules

  • 1. COVID-19 measures & requirements

    A. Please take note of our new measures:

    1. Antwork is designed to be a touchless workspace! Use your app to scan in to our locations, enter your office, or meeting room, control your room lighting & climate, and to make payments on campus… this will help you minimize contact with doorknobs, keys, switches and cash. We are always happy to assist you, but urge you to make all your bookings from your app to keep contact to a bare minimum!
    2. Campus entry has been restricted to the main entrance only, where we have placed a sanitization booth at the main door. The parking gate will no longer be in use, and the main wooden gate will be reserved for exit only. Directional signage has been placed for clarity.
    3. Sanitization: We have increased the frequency of our general cleaning procedures and are adhering to a strict surface sanitization routine.
    4. Natural Ventilation is key to keeping the internal environment of our workspaces healthy.
    5. Seating plans: All of our seating layouts have been adjusted to recommended WHO safety physical distance measures.
    6. Masks will be worn by all Antwork employees and support staff. Cleaning staff are to wear proper protective gear including gloves.
    7. Incoming packages will be disinfected at the security booth before dispatch to destination.
    8. Deliveries will be sanitized upon arrival and kept at the main entrance for collection by members. Food & other delivery personnel will not be allowed on campus.
    9. Elevators have been disabled to limit risks of contagion.
    10. Car Parking: Our adjacent parking facility has been notified to ask members to self-park, and will only park cars when necessary, using one-use gloves when doing so.
    11. Guest Entry will be carefully monitored, members are required to inform the front desk, or confirm invitation upon guest arrival.

    B. Members are asked to adhere to the following requirements for the safety of self and others:

    1. Masks are to be worn by anyone walking through or using a shared space, and all common areas of campus. If you did not bring your own, masks are available at the front desk.
    2. Safe distancing measures are to be respected, by keeping at least 1.5 meters distance to anyone within the space. We ask members not to change the placements of any seating, as current placement is strictly compliant with distancing requirements.
    3. Sanitizing solution bottles are made available throughout campus, please remember to keep your hand clean, and sanitize your hands before handling printers, water coolers, or door knobs!
    4. Elevators use is restricted to one person at a time.
    5. All deliveries (including food) will be kept at the main entrance for your collection. We recommend discarding the outside packaging of deliveries whenever possible.
    6. Alert! Please leave campus as soon as you experience any signs of illness. This is urgent for the safety of our workplace.

    C. New Hot Desking Procedures:

    1. The app has been updated to accept hot-desk bookings to make sure you your spot is reserved, since our capacities have been reduced.
    2. Do not eat at your workstation, areas have been designated for food for your safety.
    3. Notify us when you are leaving for the day in order for us to re-sanitize the workstation.
    4. Please use headsets if listening to / watching content on your screen.
    5. Take your calls in the garden, or book a meeting space for your video- conferences.

    D. Private Office Recommendations:

    1. Keep your office environment and private workstations clean and tidy to help make sanitization more effective.
    2. Keep your office well ventilated.
    3. Consult with us to adjust the seating plan in your office in order to ensure the safety of your employees. Our team are happy to assist you, and have a number of solutions to suggest

    E. Event Space Use Recommendations:

    1. Adhere strictly to all House Rules regarding sanitization upon entry, frequent hand-sanitizing, and keep your masks on!
    2. Adhere strictly to maximum occupancy recommendations advised by our team.
    3. Adhere to professional distancing recommendation of 1.5meters between event attendees in the space.
    4. Keep event space as well ventilated as possible.
  • 2. Use of Premises & Spaces

    The Member undertakes:

    1. To comply with all the provisions of these terms and the internal system rules of the Premises and Spaces, as well as the circulars and amendments issued by Antwork, without prejudice to any signed SLA.
    2. To settle the dues within 15 days of issuance of the invoice, beyond which time a penalty shall apply.
    3. To comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of business.
    4. To not undertake any illegal action or any activity that may interfere with the use of the Premises and Spaces or that may cause nuisance or disturbance or loss or damage.
    5. To not perform any commercial activity or celebration or promotion for goods within the Premises and Spaces or in any vehicles in the parking lots that is not previously communicated to and planned with Antwork.
    6. To not display or sell goods, or promote activities or distribute brochures or advertising flyers or any similar promoting items on the Premises and Spaces or on any vehicles in the parking lots without previous communication and planning with Antwork.
    7. To not sell or offer products or services of any religious, or political nature on the Premises and Spaces or in any vehicles in the parking lots.
    8. To use all shared spaces provided by Antwork for member convenience with prudence including keeping kitchenettes, “Pantries” Refrigerators, cabinets, countertops and tabletops clean and tidy after use. All Member personal items shall be labeled with names and dates otherwise such items shall be thrown out by the end of each working week (Fridays).
    9. To access Antwork Premises and Spaces within regular business hours (8am to 8pm) on regular business days from Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays (as listed in appendix A) or outside these business hours and business days for the purpose of using a Private Space alone.
    10. To notify Antwork’s front desk of guest names, expected arrival time, and duration of visit. Upon arrival, said guests shall be asked to check in at the front desk whereby the Member will be notified of their arrival.
    11. To not perform any activity that may disturb or endanger other individuals within the Premises and Spaces or its neighbors, nor use the Premises and Spaces for any immoral or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or ordinance.
    12. To not smoke in any indoor space including common areas and all private work spaces.
    13. To not bring and/or operate inflammable or incinerating substances onto the Premises, or anything with unpleasant or irritating or harmful odors.
    14. To not bring machines and engines, or carry out manufacturing and packaging that may produce disturbing sounds on the Premises and Spaces without prior consent or clear agreement in the conditions described in the SLA.
    15. To not bring heavy machinery, devices or equipment to the Premises and Spaces without Antwork’s prior written consent.
    16. To not use any kind of additional lighting or heating equipment whatsoever on the Premises and Spaces, unless pre approved.
    17. To not, at any time, block corridors, stairs, elevators, or any entrances or exits of any common areas on the Premises, Spaces and within the parking lots.
    18. To not use any of the elevators originally specified for the transportation of individuals and building visitors for the transport of goods or commodities, or food or waste, equipment or furniture of any kind.
    19. To not install tents or separators of any kind or material whether on or above desks or the entrance to Private Spaces or on doors, or display, or change any color or shape of Private Space doors or entrances, nor display advertising banners or decorative items or lights.
    20. To not harm or disrespect the physical Premises and Spaces, equipment, fixtures, fittings and furnishings, and take good care of and keep in good repair the Premises and Spaces, equipment, fixtures, fittings and furnishings, and to preserve the above as a prudent administrator (pater familias)
    21. To not bring any pets onto the Premises and Spaces except on specified days that will be clearly announced to all members.
    22. To not use Antwork’s system and network to access the accounts of others or to penetrate or attempt to penetrate security measures of another entity’s computer software or hardware, electronic communications system or telecommunications system, whether or not the intrusion results in the corruption or loss of data.
    23. To not use Antwork’s system and network to transmit any material that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any third part.
  • 3. Security

    The Member acknowledges and accepts that for security purposes:
    1. The Premises and Spaces are monitored by cameras (CCTV) at all times.
    2. Antwork may ask the Member to show his/her personal identification document to gain access to the Premises and Spaces at any given day, where the law permits.
    3. Antwork may only disclose information and personal data for security reasons and only if necessary. In this respect, the Member acknowledges and accepts these security measures and procedures and therefore undertakes to notify any of his/her guests about such procedures. In addition, the Member undertakes to keep his/her private space and any of his/her assets secure at all times. Therefore, the Member shall securely close all the doors, windows, or other entries when said private space is not being used or is vacant.
    The Member acknowledges and agrees that Antwork has the right to enter his/her private space to securely close all doors, windows and other entries in case they were not closed by the Member or in any case of emergency. In this respect, the Member discharges Antwork from any responsibility or liability for any reason whatsoever with regards to the matter hereto. It is the Member's responsibility to arrange insurance for his/her own property which it brings in to the Premises and for its own liability to its company’s employees.
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