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Work Cloud

Our online platform and mobile app combine an integration of business tools supporting business functions, a manager of business services facilitating everyday business, a community of programs, knowledge & networking benefits and agile workspaces available in all sizes, uses and commitment levels.


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The work cloud

The work cloud is free, forever


- Access to one day per month to the coworking space
- Access to the work cloud
- Access to the community
- Access to content and programs

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Productivity Tools

Developed and designed with your business needs in mind, our productivity tools are directly available to members through in-app purchases.

Telephony, Invoicing tool, Accounting outsourcing, Legal Templates, Legal consultancy, Personnel Management tool, HR Outsourcing, CRM & Marketing automation, Company email, Website builder, Private cloud, System Administration, Job board, App store


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Technology-enabled workplaces with custom spaces for specialized business and life balance needs

Maker Lab, Culinary Lab, Rooftop, Garden, Urban Farming, Journalism Hub, Ecommerce & Logistics


360-Degree Services

A wide range of local services and core business amenities available through in-app purchases

Parking, Internet, Printing, Event Space, Meeting Room, Private Offices, Dedicated desks in shared offices, Coworking spaces


Community and Programs

A powerful network & marketplace that attracts service providers, experts and newcomers alike, providing access to revolving programs and relevant learning opportunities across borders.

Guides, Lectures, Events, Courses, Programs, Members Directory

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Developer Tools

Our open platform API (Application Programming Interface) will allow developers, designers and hacking enthusiasts to create hacks, tools and applications that can be made available online and on-site to the entire Community.


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Custom Spaces

Industry specific spaces that allow the sharing of resources and equipment among member users. Such Vertical Spaces include gaming, DYI, journalism, design, blogging, culinary, fin-tech, agro-tech, etc…


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